Class: Ranger 2

Alignment: Neutral Good

Lucia is recently arrived in Rift City from the coast. She washed up on shore about a year ago, with no memory of her past, or how she came to be at sea in the first place. She spent the intervening time working in Port Town as an assistant cook at an inn, the White Sails, where she made some friends among the serving wenches and was given her name. After a year of work, Jenny Ainsworth, the matron of the White Sails, suggested she travel to Rift City, where she might have more luck finding her past. Coincidentally, this is where the adventure starts... And indeed, soon after arriving, the barkeeper of the Pig's Whistle gave her some pointers towards somehow being connected with the Imperials.

Personality and Description

Though Lucia took Mrs. Ainsworth's suggestion, it is not to say she is concerned by her lack of memories. Thanks to the sunny coastal environment where she's been building a new set of memories, and her reasonably cheerful personality, she is more concerned with living in and enjoying the present and future, rather than brooding on the mysterious past. Taking Mrs. Ainsworth's advice seemed like a good idea, and Lucia didn't mind the chance for a change of scene. Because of lasting effects from her time lost at sea, she sometimes spaces out, making her an unreliable watchperson. Generally friendly and optimistic, Lucia has little problem standing up for herself when she feels it necessary. She's fairly open about what of the past she does remember, so any information here, the other characters would probably be aware of once they got to know her. In general, she tries to do good, and when she has no clear problem with the law, will conform to it. Although she has no particular religious ties, she feels most connected to Varuna since the local branch of Varuna-worshippers provided for Lucia until she could find work, and also because of the goddess' affiliation with the sea.

Lucia has always had a strong affinity for the ocean, which makes her think she might have been a pirate or a sailor, since her clothes were better made than those a fisherman would wear. She generally wears a beat-up leather tricorner, which she found on the beach where she woke up, and considers a reminder of the past yet to be discovered. Her Imperial-made musket she also found when she awoke.

Lucia is a human and has been told she might be part Imperial, but hadn't thought much about her heritage before. She has cappucino skin, dark hair and eyes, is of average height and slender. If she tried singing, she would be a soprano. She's right-handed and wields a musket like an Imperial. She likes to swim at the beach, climb trees, and cook - although she doesn't always do that well. A favored meal for Lucia consists of rum with salad and roasted fish. She also has a liking for sugar water, which she's never been able to explain.

Inside Lucia's Head

Though generally friendly and open, there are some things that Lucia is either not consciously aware of, or isn't inclined to talk about.

Her loyalties lie with those who have freely extended hospitality and/or protection when she needed it, and she would feel it necessary to return the favor to the inkeeper and his wife, and the Varuna-worshippers at Port Town. To extend the help she would provide to the Varuna-worshippers, she would likely do small missions at their request, though Lucia does not consider herself at their beck and call. Since Jenny Ainsworth is probably the most important person in Lucia's post-ocean life, she feels it important (and comforting) that Jenny's life continue in its contented and undisturbed routine.

Though she does not know her parentage, Lucia might be able to guess that she is half Imperial and half Verian, since she can use guns more easily than would be expected of a non-Imperial, and swim like a Verian. The Verian blood comes from her mother, while the Imperial blood is from her father.  She was born sometime around 3972 by the Vedic Calendar.

She is readily friendly to people she finds interesting, companionable, or worthy of admiration, but as long as she doesn't feel someone is evil or nasty, she will try to treat them fairly. Since arriving in Port Town, she has made no close friends, since she likes to be independent when possible.